Data Management and Analysis Research Group

DaMA Members

Barbara Catania

Faculty Member

Giovanna Guerrini

Faculty Member


Beyza Yaman

Ph.D. Student


Laura Di Rocco

Ph.D. Student


Francesco De Fino

Ph.D. Student


Chiara Accinelli

MSc Student

(partially in internship at CEDIA)



Federico Dassereto

Research Fellow


Francesca Marazza

MSc Student

(partially in internship at

University of Twente)

We are always looking for motivated students to work with us!!!


 Data have been defined as the fuel of the 21st century.  We now are witnessing a revolution in the production of data, being gathered by ubiquitous information-sensing mobile devices, sensor networks, Web applications, software logs, resulting in a significant increase in data complexity, in terms of volume, heterogeneity, and distribution. Such a huge amount and variety of data, increasingly geo-referenced and dynamic, is a valuable source from which to extract information and knowledge. However, the high volumes and considerable heterogeneity require new management and analysis techniques, able to take into account the specificity of data, also in terms of data quality and semantics.

The DaMA research group faces the increasingly more relevant issues involved in processing and analyzing data, focusing on  how to efficiently and effectively manage data originating from various sources (sensors, services, users, social media, etc.), how to retrieve relevant information from them, also by means of source  interoperability and semantic data integration, and  how to analyze them to discovering new, non-obvious knowledge from these data.

The areas of our expertise include:
  • Large Scale Data Management
  • Approximate and Adaptive Query Processing
  • Semantic-Web and Linked Data
  • Geo-referenced and Time-variant Data
  • Data Integration and Cleaning
  • Data Analytics


UniGe research project
University dropout

DLTM applied research project
Big geospatial marine observation data fusion

Industrial research project
Customer service

SIIT applied research project 
Mobility data reconciliation
and cleaning


EDBT Summer School 2017
13th Extending Database Technology
Summer School

EDBT ICDT Joint Conference 2013
16th Int. Conf. on Extending Database Technology
16th Int. Conf. on Database Theory

ADBIS 2013
17th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems

SEBD 2009
17th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems


Graduate Course (PhD in Computer Science and System Engineering)
Large Scale Data Management
Barbara Catania
, Giovanna Guerrini

Graduate Course (MSc in Data Science and Engineering)
Advanced Data Management
Barbara Catania, Giovanna Guerrini

Graduate Course (MSc in Data Science and Engineering)
Data Warehousing
Giovanna Guerrini, Barbara Catania

Graduate Course (MSc in Data Science and Engineering)
Data Semantics
Barbara Catania, Giovanna Guerrini

Undergraduate Course (BSc in Computer Science, in Italian)
Basi di Dati 2
Barbara Catania

Undergraduate Course (BSc in Computer Science and BSc in Statistics, in Italian)
Basi di Dati
Giovanna Guerrini



Open Positions in our PhD Program: 11 three-years grants, with specific research projects in data management and analysis. More information and application instructions.

Deadline for applications: June 12, 2018 12:00 am.


May 9, 2018. Davide Buscaldi (LIPN, Université Paris XIII) is visiting us and giving a talk “Geographic Information, Texts and Social Media ” (3pm, Room 711)


May 3, 2018. Dimitra Papadimitriou (DISI, Università di Trento) is visiting us and giving a talk “Goals: A New Dimension in Data Management and Analysis for Recommendation and Retrieval ” (4pm, Conference Room)

March 27, 2018 –  MSc in Computer Science: Camilla Robino graduates with a thesis on Multigranular Spatiotemporal Data Exploration (internship UCD Dublin). Federico Roncallo graduates with a thesis on Indexing Big Data Series (internship U. Paris Descartes). Congratulations!



DIBRIS – Valle Puggia
Università di Genova
Via Dodecaneso, 35
16146 Genova – Italy

barbara.catania [at] unige.it, giovanna.guerrini [at] unige.it